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Singer keeps his fi­nale re­fresh­ingly character fo­cused

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2014 | 12 | Blu- ray/ DVD Di­rec­tor: Bryan Singer Cast: Hugh Jack­man, James McAvoy, Michael Fass­ben­der, Pa­trick Ste­wart, Jen­nifer Lawrence Matthew Vaughn’s X- Men: First Class in­tro­duced the fran­chise’s youthi­fied cast with such as­sur­ance that it seemed like a bit of a slap in the face to force them to share screen time with the other lot after only one film. Still, even though the buddy- up thing might have gen­er­ated a more in­tense shiver had they waited a while, there’s still a huge fan­boy thrill to be had watch­ing Wolver­ine brush­ing shoul­ders with the First Class kids, and at see­ing Pa­trick Ste­wart, Ian McKellen et al one more time.

For all its poster prom­ises of a dou­ble- gen­er­a­tional team- up, this is ac­tu­ally more a se­quel to First Class than to The Last Stand. The oldies book­end the movie, but – aside from Wolver­ine, who’s placed cen­tre- stage – the em­pha­sis is on the young­sters.

At the same time, there’s lit­tle left of Matthew Vaughn’s light­ness of touch. Though re­turn­ing di­rec­tor Bryan Singer has di­alled down the al­le­gor­i­cal heav­i­ness of his pre­vi­ous X- pic­tures, this is a su­per­hero movie that wears its se­ri­ous­ness with pride.

Its main point of fun is mu­tant new­comer Quick­sil­ver ( Evan Peters), who bags the film’s cen­tre­piece scene, and then is never seen again. In a film flushed with A- list tal­ent, it’s quite some­thing to be the one ev­ery­one’s talk­ing about after the cred­its roll. More, please, next time.

Per­haps the Mar­vel movie it has most in common with is The Win­ter Sol­dier. Both ex­ist in a rich cin­e­matic world bor­rowed from grown- up drama, and both go easy on the CG. We’ve got used to su­per­hero movie cli­maxes that are a bliz­zard of pix­els and de­struc­tion, but Singer keeps his fi­nale re­fresh­ingly character fo­cused. Roll on Apoc­a­lypse.

Ex­tras: The DVD has just a gag reel and gal­leries. The Blu- ray ( rated) adds deleted scenes ( with op­tional Singer com­men­tary) and five fea­turettes ( 49 min­utes), on top­ics such as di­rect­ing the Quick­sil­ver kitchen se­quence, the ac­tors play­ing Xavier and Mag­neto, and the Sen­tinels.

In the orig­i­nal 1981 comics sto­ry­line, it was Kitty Pryde’s mind that was sent back­wards in time, not Wolver­ine’s.

“What do you think, does the red work? I’m not sure about the cape.”

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