Trans­form­ers: Age Of Ex­tinc­tion

A Bay to for­get

SFX - - Dvd & blu- ray - Richard Ed­wards

Re­lease Date: 17 Novem­ber

2014 | 12 | Blu- ray/ DVD Di­rec­tor: Michael Bay Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Stan­ley Tucci, Kelsey Gram­mer, Ni­cola Peltz, Jack Reynor

There’s a new hu­man cast, but oth­er­wise it’s business as usual for Michael Bay’s un­stop­pable jug­ger­naut of a movie fran­chise. Age Of Ex­tinc­tion is a by- the- num­bers mix­ture of huge ex­plo­sions, scrap­ping ma­chines and non­sen­si­cal plot that feels like an in­sult to any­body caught in its sub­stan­tial blast ra­dius.

Hav­ing drawn the short straw of be­com­ing Trans­form­ers’ new flesh- and- blood face, Mark Wahlberg fights in­sur­mount­able odds to bring some per­son­al­ity to his card­board cut- out of an over­pro­tec­tive fa­ther. Alas, his fam­ily trou­bles aren’t the worst thing about the movie – though sin­gling out the nadir is a near- im­pos­si­ble task. You could get an­noyed that noth­ing makes a blind bit of sense. That Op­ti­mus Prime is now such a pompous blowhard that you want the ro­bot bad­dies to kick his ass. That Kelsey Gram­mer and Stan­ley Tucci are slum­ming it with ma­te­rial way be­neath their tal­ents. That you could cut out the need­less slow- mo and shave roughly half an hour off the ex­ces­sive 165- minute run­time. Or you could just cover your ears and ac­cept that when a movie makes over a bil­lion dol­lars at the box of­fice it must be do­ing some­thing right. Right?

Ex­tras: The Blu- ray ( rated) boasts a two- hour Mak­ing- Of doc, plus four fea­turettes ( 56 min­utes) and a load of trail­ers. The DVD is vanilla.

John Good­man ( Hound) can also be heard in one of his clas­sic roles – Bum­ble­bee sam­ples a line from The Big Le­bowski.

Yep, this is as ridicu­lous as it looks.

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