Witches Of East End Sea­son One

Charmed and dan­ger­ous

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2013 | 12 | DVD Cre­ator: Mag­gie Friedman Cast: Ju­lia Or­mond, Mäd­chen Amick, Jenna De­wan, Rachel Bos­ton, Daniel Di To­masso

A cou­ple of years back, the team be­hind The Vam­pire Di­aries cre­ated a new show about witches called The Se­cret Cir­cle. It was fairly dire and the axe fell swiftly. It’s dif­fi­cult to be­lieve that the same team isn’t be­hind Witches Of East End.

In mod­ern- day New York state, a witch cursed with im­mor­tal­ity and re­peat­edly giv­ing birth to the same two girls ( they al­ways die in their early thir­ties) tries to pro­tect her lat­est brace of daugh­ters by cast­ing a spell that’ll stop them re­al­is­ing that they’re witches. That all goes pre­dictably pear- shaped in the pi­lot, and the girls are soon en­meshed in cen­turies- old schemes and dat­ing prob­lems. One of them even has to choose be­tween a “good” brother and a “bad” brother. Sound fa­mil­iar?

The plots may have a de­press­ing whiff of fa­mil­iar­ity ( at times the se­ries also chan­nels Charmed, Hex and Switch) but the show’s saved by some Buffy- es­que, self- mock­ing di­a­logue and spir­ited per­for­mances, es­pe­cially from Twin Peaks’ Mäd­chen Amick as the girls’ free- spirit, fre­quently clothes- dodg­ing aunt.

The fact that the sea­son’s big bad looks like Vanessa Feltz is a lit­tle off- putting, though.

Ex­tras: A bland fea­turette ( seven min­utes); two min­utes of dull deleted scenes; a minute of gag reel footage ( mildly amus­ing); and a two- minute clip show­ing how dif­fi­cult it is to get a per­for­mance out of a cat. Dave Golder

Buffy The Vam­pire Slayer’s Tom Lenk ( An­drew) has a re­cur­ring guest role as a gay li­brar­ian.

In­sert painfully ob­vi­ous gag here.

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