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Doesn’t bork the Orc

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Tie- in

videogames – es­pe­cially Lord Of The Rings ones – have a bad rep for good rea­son. Thank­fully, Mono­lith Pro­duc­tions had an idea for a gaming foun­da­tion atop which this tra­di­tion- break­ing Mid­dle- earth sand­box ad­ven­ture could un­fold. Say hello to the Neme­sis Sys­tem.

Play­ing as ranger Tal­ion on the cusp of Sau­ron’s rise to Third Age promi­nence, you’re thrown into Mor­dor dur­ing its tec­tonic shift into dark­ness. Hunt­ing down the vil­lains re­spon­si­ble for your fam­ily’s mur­der, you take on the role of as­sas­sin.

Your ul­ti­mate aim is to tackle the warchiefs who sit at the peak of Sau­ron’s armies. You can stroll right into their midst, mak­ing things tough for your­self as they call upon their body­guards. Al­ter­na­tively, you can set your­self a se­ries of min­iob­jec­tives, to take out the body­guards in­di­vid­u­ally with your Bat­man: Arkham- like sword­fight­ing skills or As­sas­sin’s Creed- in­spired stealth­i­ness. Thanks to the Neme­sis Sys­tem, Orcs come in all shapes and sizes, each packs a pro­ce­du­ral­ly­gen­er­ated per­son­al­ity and with each death your en­e­mies grow in power, oc­ca­sion­ally be­ing pro­moted off the back of killing you.

The fact that Shadow Of Mor­dor’s com­bat and tra­ver­sal me­chan­ics are a touch de­riv­a­tive might be a blem­ish, but the Neme­sis Sys­tem pro­vides a leg up for what should be a run­ning se­ries. Matthew Gil­man Up­com­ing down­load­able con­tent will al­low you to play as the Wraith who pos­sesses Tal­ion, Cele­brim­bor, and fight Sau­ron!

What’s in the safe? Evil, of course.

Yup, go on, throw a spear at it. See how ef­fec­tive that is.

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