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Ever won­dered if that throw­away line in episode 12 re­ally meant some­thing? Some­one has. VS Wells delves into a world where ev­ery­thing is con­nected

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Marty McFly en­ters the in­fi­nite, JK Rowl­ing is a fic­tional character, and your brain has been blown.

Some­times, SF writ­ers are a lit­tle slap­dash on the de­tails. They for­get to close im­por­tant plot holes, drop hints that are never fol­lowed up on or fail to no­tice the im­por­tance of to­tally in­signif­i­cant ob­jects. Luck­ily, when­ever cre­ators slip up, fans are there to pro­vide their own the­o­ries to plug the gaps. So buckle up, be­cause the best of the in­ter­net’s fanon might just per­ma­nently change the way you think about your favourite fran­chises…


Al­fred is Bruce Wayne’s most loyal friend, men­tor and ad­vi­sor, who just hap­pens to be an em­ployee of Gotham’s sul­len­est pub­lic ser­vant. But he’s way too in­volved to be a mere but­ler: what if Bruce is Al­fred’s son?

It must have been hard for Mrs Wayne while her hus­band was run­ning a cor­po­rate em­pire, and she’d be for­given for per­haps seek­ing company with the ( then young-and- hand­some) suave but­ler. Maybe they kept the li­ai­son a se­cret, and Bruce grew up treat­ing Al­fred as the staff – un­til his par­ents died.

With no­body else to look up to, Al­fred be­came Bat­man’s stand- in dad, the sole force shap­ing him through his for­ma­tive years. It ex­plains both Al­fred’s undy­ing loy­alty, and the more- than- business vibes sur­round­ing their re­la­tion­ship.

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