4 The End Of Boromir

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fel­low­ship Of The Ring

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Sean Bean’s Boromir had quite an arc in Fel­low­ship: from grumpy ag­i­ta­tor ( the Coun­cil) to valiant war­rior ( Mo­ria) to dis­turbed ag­gres­sor ( when he tries to take the Ring). But in the end he com­pletely re­deems him­self, bravely giv­ing his life to save Merry and Pip­pin. As he dies be­fore a grief- stricken Aragorn, Bean may ac­tu­ally have given the per­for­mance of his ca­reer. “I would have fol­lowed you, my brother... my cap­tain... my king,” he gasps, and some­how, im­pos­si­bly, it gets more tragic with ev­ery view­ing. We salute you, man of Gon­dor.

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