SFX - - 2015 movie preview -


Colin Trevorrow

STARS Chris Pratt, Bryce Dal­las Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio,

Katie McGrath, Omar Sy

THE PITCH The dino- park ac­tu­ally opens to the pub­lic; nat­u­rally, things go

tits- up... The allure of a CG di­nosaur has waned a fair bit since one first trou­bled that rip­pling glass of wa­ter in 1993, so will this film draw in the crowds?... Ac­tu­ally, no, scratch that. What are we say­ing? Di­nosaurs are cool. They’ll al­ways be cool, dam­mit. And when you add their reptilian charm to the de­cid­edly more mam­malian charms of Chris “Star Lord” Pratt, set the film on Isla Nublar, now func­tion­ing as per dear old John Ham­mond’s dream, and have Steven Spiel­berg him­self exec- pro­duc­ing, you just know things are go­ing to get in­ter­est­ing. And sure enough, di­nos will go wild and hu­mans will freak out. All is right with the world.

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