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Can you de­scribe the re­la­tion­ship be­tween your character, Jupiter, and Chan­ning Ta­tum’s character, Caine ( right)?

My character meets him and he in­stantly takes her on this crazy jour­ney, where there’s this re­ally long ac­tion se­quence, with a chase be­tween aliens and space­ships in the mid­dle of Chicago; and we shot it in the mid­dle of Chicago. He’s like, “This is what hap­pens” and “This is life” and “Here’s some aliens in their space­ships.” And she’s like, “This can’t be life. This is crazy. Am I hal­lu­ci­nat­ing? Maybe I’m un­der drugs?” He’s like, “No, no. This is real life.”

What’s the film’s emo­tional story?

It’s about des­tiny. I fall in love with him, he falls in love with me.

Was this the most phys­i­cally chal­leng­ing film you’ve worked on?

Yes. The whole film was a mas­sive boot camp. I have no body fat in this movie for the first time in my life. [ Laughs.] For five days a week, you train ev­ery sin­gle day, for six months. Just work out all day long for six months and you too will have no body fat! [ Laughs.] We both got in trou­ble for los­ing too much weight. It was re­ally bad.

Jupiter be­gins the film feel­ing as though she has no pur­pose. Have you ever felt that way?

I’ve never thought about a pur­pose, but I was al­ways work­ing or in school. Even at my low­est when I was try­ing to fig­ure my life out or go­ing through pu­berty I never doubted my­self like Jupiter did. I al­ways had a very good back­bone, be­ing my fam­ily. Which was al­ways an in­cred­i­ble support sys­tem. So any­time I ques­tioned any­thing it was never as dire as Jupiter. I think Jupiter feels like she’s alone. I’ve al­ways been very lucky where I never felt alone.


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The DIREC­TORS Wa­chowskis

STARS Mila Ku­nis, Chan­ning Ta­tum,

Sean Bean

THE PITCH Mila! A- ah! She’ll save

ev­ery one of us!

Mila Ku­nis: lit­er­ally fall­ing for Chan­ning Ta­tum in Jupiter As­cend­ing.

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