RE­LEASED 21 au­gust

SFX - - 2015 movie preview -


Chris Colum­bus

STARS Adam San­dler, Kevin James, Michelle Mon­aghan, Peter

Din­klage, Sean Bean


Galaxy Quest meets The Last

Starfighter. Pix­els owes a lot to the suc­cess of

The LEGO Movie for min­ing ’ 80s nostal­gia for ev­ery­thing it’s worth. And hey, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the con­cept of aliens mis­in­ter­pret­ing the graph­ics of old ar­cade games and launch­ing at­tacks on Earth that re­sem­ble them ( ru­mour has it that Pac- Man, Frog­ger and Don­key Kong will cameo). Adam San­dler, who co- wrote the screen­play, will star as a one- time videogame cham­pion who must de­feat the aliens. Our one worry: will this be a fam­ily film, or will San­dler be un­able to re­sist throw­ing in his usual knob gags and poo jokes? Hope­fully di­rec­tor Colum­bus will rein him in.

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