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The Lord Of The Rings: The Fel­low­ship Of The Ring

SFX - - Greatest middle-earth moments -

After dodg­ing the Ring­wraiths for most of the film, now our Hob­bits find them­selves cor­nered and de­fence­less in a scene that’s so filled with dread it’s a won­der they didn’t all just faint away from fear. In­stead, our he­roes gamely try to pro­tect Frodo, prov­ing they’re braver folks than us. From the way the Ring­wraiths sur­round the Hob­bits to their scary ghost- faces ( vis­i­ble only when Frodo wears the Ring), they’re the stuff of nightmares – but it’s the way Aragorn bounds in from nowhere, sword fly­ing, that makes this scene gen­uinely thrilling.

All of life’s prob­lems can be solved us­ing swords. Even re­ally big ones.

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