11 Faramir’s Sacrifice

The Lord Of The Rings: The RE­TURN OF THE KING

SFX - - Greatest middle-earth moments -

Poor, per­se­cuted Faramir. All he wants is for his fa­ther to love him, but in­stead the old bas­tard sends him to his death and then calmly eats his lunch while his son rides out to his ( ap­par­ent) doom. It’s a tragic scene given ex­tra poignance by the beau­ti­ful, sor­row­ful song sung by Pip­pin, which was com­posed by Billy Boyd him­self. “All shall fade,” he laments, as Denethor re­mains obliv­i­ous to the suf­fer­ing he’s just caused; and even though we haven’t known Faramir for long,

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