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SFX’s on­line fol­low­ers love ( and hate) Peter Ca­paldi’s de­but se­ries

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I think it’s been great – I have been a bit stumped by com­plaints around the loss of whimsy in gain­ing Ca­paldi. It’s great to have a Doc­tor con­fused with the world and peo­ple at large again.

Morag Fraser

Ca­paldi is ex­cel­lent, but could do with bet­ter scripts. I was ex­pect­ing this sea­son to blow me away, but there have only been a hand­ful of episodes which have re­ally been good.

Steve Matthew­man

Jelly ba­bies in a cig­a­rette case! Price­less!

Judy Reaser

Ca­paldi is the next Tom Baker. He was made to be the Doc­tor.

Bob O’Con­nor

I love Ca­paldi’s Doc­tor, and hope he sticks around for a good while. Yes, he’s a grumpy bug­ger (“she cares so I don’t have to” – ouch!), but he’s brought back a much­needed grav­i­tas to the role.

Lou Bell

Ter­ri­ble. Watched the first episode with Ca­paldi after not watch­ing any Matt Smith and then gave up again. No one can beat David Ten­nant, sorry.

Laura Evans

It’s turn­ing into a soap. When will Clara stop whinge­ing? Please!

Claire Bartlett

I would very much love this se­ries if it was more about the Doc­tor and much less about Clara and her the sub­plot with Mr Pink. The show is called Doc­tor Who but he seems to be tak­ing a back seat to Clara.

Jon­wayne Stricker

I think that they should elim­i­nate the Clara character. I’m tired of the com­pan­ion be­ing more clever and amaz­ing than the Doc­tor.

Haylee Per­due

Ca­paldi’s Doc­tor is iras­ci­ble, ar­ro­gant, un­com­pro­mis­ing and fun. It almost makes up for the non­sen­si­cal plots he’s try­ing to save.

Don­ald Downie

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