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Did You Spot?: The hel­met of sor­cerer Doc­tor Fate? Like the Spec­tre, he’s a mem­ber of the DC’s Jus­tice So­ci­ety, and another of Con­stan­tine’s al­lies.

High­light: The al­ways ob­ser­vant Manny cuts to the heart of Hell­blazer by ask­ing Con­stan­tine if his ac­tions are de­signed to save oth­ers or his “own sorry soul”.

In­flu­ences: John Con­stan­tine was cre­ated by Saga Of The Swamp Thing writer Alan Moore and artists Stephen Bis­sette and John Totleben, who fa­mously based their pro­tag­o­nist’s look on Sting.

Best Line: Con­stan­tine on his business card ti­tle “Master of the Dark Arts”: “That says ‘ Master,’ does it...? I should re­ally change that to ‘ Petty Dab­bler.’ I hate to put on airs.”

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