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SFX - - Red alert -

The Walk­ing Dead smashes rat­ings records with 17.3 mil­lion view­ers for the sea­son five premiere. Americ an Hor­ror Story also re­turns to record rat­ings for FX with over 6 mil­lion view­ers.

Mar­vel plan­ning big­gest comic crossover event ever with the re­turn of Se­cret Wars.

Sci­en­tists work­ing on Men In Black- style mem­ory wip­ing tech­nol­ogy.

Guardians Of The Galaxy writer Ni­cole Perl­man pen­ning a Gamora comic.

Star Wars: Kanan comic to tell the back­story of the Rebels character.

IDW to launch a Dirk Gen­tly comic se­ries along­side the new Max Lan­dis- writ­ten TV show. Archie to meet… Preda­tor in odd four is­sue crossover.

Peter Bea­gle’s beloved novel The Last Unic orn be­ing adapted for Broad­way.

The “se­cret ori­gins” of James Bond to be re­vealed in new Dy­na­mite comic se­ries.

Dredd pro­ducer Adi Shankar re­leases an­i­mated web­series Su­per­fiend, star­ring the Dark Judges.

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