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Bird Brained

I re­mem­ber some books from my child­hood, it might also have been a car­toon, about a pro­fes­sor who had a space­ship that looked like a bar­rel. He had an en­emy who could turn into a crow. I hope it’s a real thing and I haven’t just dreamed it...

James Mor­ley, email

Guest SFXpert Matt Dray:

This is Dr Snug­gles. It started as a se­ries of books in the 1970s by Jef­frey O’Kelly. The car­toon was orig­i­nally shown in 1980, con­sist­ing of 13 half- hour episodes which ITV showed in se­ri­alised five minute chunks. It fea­tured the voices of Peter Usti­nov and John Chal­lis ( Boy­cie in Only Fools And Horses). His space­ship did in­deed look like a bar­rel, though the bird his en­emy Pro­fes­sor Emer­ald turned into was a vul­ture. It was re­leased on DVD in 2005.

Bad cos­tume. Bad film. Bad mem­o­ries.

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