A rag­tag, fugi­tive fleet of Bat­tlestar Galac­tica ques­tions look­ing for an­swers. So say we all!

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1 Name the com­poser of the mu­sic for the reimag­ined 2004 se­ries? 2 Who or what was inside Muf­fit, the me­chan­i­cal dag­git, in the orig­i­nal show? 3 Which star of 1930s Hol­ly­wood mu­si­cals played Star­buck’s dad in the ’ 70s se­ries? 4 In which ’ 80s fan­tasy movie did Noah Hath­away ( Boxey) ride a dragon? 5 What’s the first name of Ed­ward James Olmos’s son, who played Viper pi­lot Hot Dog? 6 In which US TV show, it­self a re­boot of a vin­tage prop­erty, is Grace “Boomer” Park a reg­u­lar? 7 Which 1982 com­edy se­quel re­cy­cled Stu Phillips’ orig­i­nal BSG theme? 8 What’s the num­ber of the weapons locker where the Fi­nal Five meet in “The Ties That Bind”? ( Clue: it has spe­cial res­o­nance for showrun­ner Ron­ald D Moore.)



11 12 What was the name of Bal­tar’s ro­bot ad­vi­sor in the orig­i­nal se­ries? 13 What arte­fact is Star­buck sent back to Caprica to re­trieve in the new se­ries? 14 What’s the name of the cig­a­rette- ad­dicted doc­tor in the re­boot? 15 What was the name of Apollo’s lit­tle brother who never made it back to Galac­tica in the orig­i­nal pi­lot? ( Apollo’s brother had the same name in the re­boot.) 16 What’s the name of the re­booted Galac­tica’s equiv­a­lent of radar? 17 Who played Pe­ga­sus CO Com­man­der Cain in the orig­i­nal se­ries? 18 Who played the equiv­a­lent role in the re­boot? 19 What’s showrun­ner Ron­ald D Moore’s mid­dle name? 20 Which veteran of the orig­i­nal Star Wars movie showed up to lead the ef­fects team on the 1978 se­ries?

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