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Squir­rel Girl read­ies her own se­ries for win­ter

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Mar­vel’s un­like­li­est hero­ine is head­lin­ing her own comic in Jan­uary. “My ed­i­tor, Wil Moss, emailed me say­ing, ba­si­cally, ‘ Hey, if you were to write a Squir­rel Girl comic, what would it look like?’” says writer Ryan North. “The more I thought about it the more I thought, ‘ Oh gosh, I re­ally want to write this comic.’ I sent them my pitch, they wrote back say­ing, ‘ How did you know this was ex­actly what we were look­ing for?’ which was very kind of them, and here we are! I’ve never done this be­fore, but I wrote a theme song for her and put it in the pitch. Luck­ily they liked the song too!”

North snagged an Eis­ner Award in 2013 for his Ad­ven­ture Time comic adap­ta­tion and he hopes The Un­beat­able Squir­rel Girl will have the same wide ap­peal. “All ages means just that,” he says. “Like with Ad­ven­ture Time, I wanted the book to be good for ev­ery­one, and my idea of that is just ‘ no swear­ing and every­body keeps their pants on’.”

What he doesn’t want to do is just ape the style of es­tab­lished com­edy hit se­ries Dead­pool. “One of the dif­fer­ences be­tween them is that Dead­pool knows he’s a funny guy in a comic book. He’s in on the joke,” says North. “Squir­rel Girl doesn’t know she’s in a comic. The threats are real to her.”

The open­ing arc sees the ar­bo­real hero­ine head­ing to col­lege. “But pretty soon she’s fac­ing down vil­lains with world- chang­ing con­se­quences,” says Ryan. “I don’t want to give away any names, but one of them starts with ‘ G’ and rhymes with ‘ Alac­tus’.”

Squir­rel Girl flies into ac­tion in from Jan­uary.

We’re sure this will be quite the tail. Er, tale.

Hulk at­tracts squir­rels. This we have learned.

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