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We know Tony Stark is set to bring con­flict to the third Cap­tain Amer­ica movie, lay­ing the ide­o­log­i­cal smack­down over the Su­per­hu­man Reg­is­tra­tion Act. But who’ll be the film’s true vil­lain? Word is Win­ter Sol­dier’s Frank Grillo will reprise his role as Hy­dra oper­a­tive Brock Rum­low, bet­ter known as Cross­bones in the comic books, and may earn pro­mo­tion from hench­man to chief neme­sis ( we like to imag­ine him per­fect­ing his tri­umphant cackle and swat­ting up on World Con­quest For Dum­mies). Also adding to the vil­lainy quo­tient is In­glou­ri­ous Bas­terds’ Daniel Bruhl, signed to play an un­named an­tag­o­nist who’s ru­moured to segue into the Doc­tor Strange movie. “With Daniel’s abil­ity to de­liver in­tense, nu­anced per­for­mances, we knew we had found yet another great ac­tor to share the screen with some of our big­gest he­roes,” says Mar­vel supremo Kevin Feige.

Girl pow­ers!


So what’s the fu­ture for the Spi­der- Man fran­chise? There’s still no firm word on a new screen ad­ven­ture for Peter Parker but Sony is said to be plot­ting some fur­ther web- sling­ing brand ex­ten­sions. Glass Ceil­ing is re­port­edly the work­ing ti­tle of a movie unit­ing the ma­jor fe­male play­ers in the Spidey- verse – Spi­der- Girl, Spi­der- Woman, Silk, Sil­ver Sable, Firestar and the Black Cat. This is the project Burn No­tice’s Lisa Joy was hired to script ear­lier this year. At the more pre­pos­ter­ous edge of the ru­mour- web lies word that Sony’s also de­vel­op­ing an Aunt May solo movie, shift­ing fo­cus from her weekly trips to the car­di­ol­o­gist to spot­light her hereto­fore un­sus­pected younger days as a kick- ass es­pi­onage agent. We want to be­lieve this is true if only to see a poster cam­paign cry­ing “She ain’t no aunt! She’s pure May­hem!”

A- holes re­assem­ble! GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2

Di­rec­tor James Gunn prom­ises the Guardians se­quel won’t sim­ply re­heat the first film’s suc­cesses. “It’s not about re­cap­tur­ing it,” he tells IGN, “be­cause Guardians Of The Galaxy was re­ally good at what it did… It’s about tak­ing the char­ac­ters in new di­rec­tions and learn­ing new things about them.”

Ex­pect one of those key rev­e­la­tions to be the iden­tity of Peter Quill’s fa­ther. Gunn says he’ll ig­nore the comic book lore that es­tab­lished Papa Star- Lord as J’son, em­peror of the Spar­toi em­pire. “I just thought there was a more in­ter­est­ing way to go for the cin­e­matic uni­verse that was more be­liev­able. There’s things in the comic that on film were a lit­tle too

Star Wars for me. And I’m not a big fan of the name J’son… We’ll find out who his dad is, and it’s go­ing to serve the story. It’s not go­ing to be like in The Cry­ing Game, though, where the big thing was ‘ He has a pe­nis!’”

Howl do you do?


Univer­sal con­tin­ues to dis­in­ter its hor­ror icons. Newly prised from the se­cret, curse- laden vault be­neath 100 Univer­sal City Plaza Drive is the Wolf­man, set to follow the Mummy as part of the stu­dio’s Mar­vel- ap­ing, cross- creature Mon­ster­verse. Univer­sal plans to ap­ply an adrenalinised, mod­ern day spin. “We’ve tried over the years to make mon­ster movies – un­suc­cess­fully, ac­tu­ally,” chair­man Donna Lan­g­ley tells The Hol­ly­wood Re­porter. “So, we took a good, hard look at it, and we set­tled upon an idea, which is to take it out of hor­ror, put it more in the ac­tion ad­ven­ture genre… bring­ing th­ese char­ac­ters into the present day and rein­tro­duc­ing them to a con­tem­po­rary au­di­ence.” Brace your­selves for The Fangs

And The Fu­ri­ous...

Ren­der unto Cae­sar! PLANET OF THE APES 3

Fate is about to fling a moist paw­ful of mon­key poop in the gen­eral di­rec­tion of Cae­sar.

Sub­scribe at my­ “The ape com­mu­nity has fallen apart,” the hir­sute rev­o­lu­tion­ary’s mo- cap al­ter- ego Andy Serkis tells Com­ing Soon. “There’s po­ten­tial war. He’s go­ing to have to lead the apes in darker times. I think it’s go­ing to be very pow­er­ful.” Di­rec­tor Matt Reeves is cur­rently shap­ing the next sto­ry­line with re­turn­ing screen­writer Mark Bom­back. And he has bib­li­cal am­bi­tions for his chimp in­sur­rec­tionary. Reeves says we’ll wit­ness how Cae­sar “be­comes a sem­i­nal fig­ure in ape his­tory. He almost be­comes sort of like an ape Moses. We’re try­ing to play out those themes and con­tinue to ex­plore hu­man na­ture un­der the guise of apes.” The next part of the re­born Planet Of The

Apes saga ar­rives 28 July 2016.

Hello, young lovers!


Just as X- Men: First Class sub­sti­tuted key mu­tants with their younger coun­ter­parts, ’ 80s- set

se­quel Apoc­a­lypse will re­cast Jean Grey and Cy­clops. Hit- Girl Chloe Moretz and Malef­i­cent’s Elle Fan­ning are said to be fron­trun­ners for Jean while EastEn­der Ben Hardy, The Boat That Rocked’s Charlie Rowe and In­ter­stel­lar’s Ti­mothee Cha­la­met are in the frame for a teenage Scott Sum­mers. Star Wars: The Force

Awak­ens’ Os­car Isaac has signed up to play the epony­mous vil­lain, and the story is ru­moured to fo­cus on the ro­mance be­tween Michael Fass­ben­der’s Mag­neto and

Jen­nifer Lawrence’s Mys­tique. “I re­ally don’t know where she’s go­ing to go,” says Lawrence of the shape- shifter. “I’ve had a few con­ver­sa­tions about where we’ll find her. She ob­vi­ously needs to be in hid­ing some­where.” X- Men:

Apoc­a­lypse hits 27 May 2016.

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