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Peter Ca­paldi’s 12th Doc­tor is an egg. Bear with me, I am go­ing some­where with this. He’s an egg in terms of ver­sa­til­ity. He’s some­times: Hard boiled – solid, stern, de­pend­able and un­mov­able. Soft boiled – ap­pear­ing ex­ter­nally rigid yet still soft on the inside ( this may also ex­plain his view on sol­diers). Poached – dis­play­ing more idio­syn­cra­sies than pre­vi­ous in­car­na­tions of the Doc­tor since the 2005 re­vival. Fried – hot and spit­ting with zeal and en­ergy bub­bling up from be­neath. Scram­bled – beau­ti­fully mud­dled with a def­i­nite off- kil­ter view of peo­ple, re­la­tion­ships and the hu­man con­di­tion.

He is truly alien and sub­lime in his por­trayal of our beloved Time Lord. Los­ing the lovey- dovey

“Eggs may also ex­plain his view on sol­diers”

ap­proach with com­pan­ions go­ing gooey eyed over him is a breath of fresh air. Such a shame that the weak scripts haven’t given Peter the chance to make this eighth se­ries the spec­ta­cle that it de­serves to be.

Neil Hart­man, Barry Now you men­tion it, I reckon Peter Ca­paldi’s Doc­tor is more like a piece of streaky ba­con – lean, a lit­tle bit­ter, but great with pan­cakes and maple syrup ( note: SFX does not con­done con­sum­ing Time Lords, how­ever


Left to right: Bad egg, good egg.

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