It’s hap­pen­ing again. Hear our read­ers, Lynch and Frost.

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The third iden­ti­cal Palmer cousin played by Sh­eryl Lee. This one with ginger hair! Anne Boyd

More Chet Des­mond and Phil Jef­fries. Their new scenes were the best thing about “The Miss­ing Pieces”. Carol Lumbly

A grip­ping mur­der mys­tery. Ja­son Tay­lor

PLEASE don’t bring back James Hur­ley. His sole pur­pose in the first sea­son was to be a red her­ring and his te­dious sub­plot in sea­son two is the worst part of the whole show. Dave Mulry

As much Gor­don Cole as pos­si­ble. Ide­ally in ev­ery scene. But given that Lynch is di­rect­ing I’ll set­tle for one ap­pear­ance ev­ery episode. Fitz Ro­man

With­out the bril­liant Don Davis, Bobby could take up Ma­jor Briggs’ role as a con­duit for all the strange hap­pen­ings in the woods around Twin Peaks. Megan Wood­burn

Don’t for­get it ’s a cheesy soap opera at heart. The mythol­ogy is cool, but that’s not why I find it so en­dear­ing. Madi­son El­liot A plot I can follow! Ian Ellery Lucy and Andy’s child to be the “new Andy” of the sher­iff ’s depart­ment – goofy and in­ap­pro­pri­ately emo­tional at crime scenes. Ed Miles

The long- promised X- Files crossover. Mike Barnes

I just want to know what the hell hap­pened to Coop after get­ting pos­sessed by BOB . To­mas Becks

The same amount of weird­ness, be­cause that was what made the show! James Bar­ton

I would like to see the Red Room, flash­ing lights, strange di­a­logue, Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer. Let’s rock! Shane Jack­son

I want what David Lynch wants. Mar­cel van Driel

Def­i­nitely need Coop back to prove he’s the true de­tec­tive, ably as­sisted by The Log Lady and Cather­ine Martell who turn out to be twisted sis­ters of the Black and White lodges. DO NOT bring back James “Yawn” Hur­ley. Chris Hor­mann

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