Dan Starkey swaps Strax for Santa’s lit­tle helper…

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Pre­sum­ably this is a light make- up job for you com­pared to Strax?

Rel­a­tively, to what I’m usu­ally dressed in! I can ac­tu­ally hear things, so it’s been quite dif­fer­ent. Usu­ally when I’m in the Strax suit it’s like a gi­ant Rolo on my head. With this it’s like, “I can see things! I can hear things!” And it’s my ac­tual voice. After seven years in a rub­ber suit I can fi­nally get my own face on screen! It’s in­ter­est­ing, there was a re­peat of “Planet Of The Spi­ders” on satel­lite, and there was Kevin Lind­say, who played Linx [ the Son­taran in 1974’ s “The Time War­rior”], and I was think­ing ah, that was like a lit­tle treat for him as well! They let him out, play­ing a slightly dodgy Eurasian!

Do you start to feel quite Spock as the ears go on?

Yes, slightly! Fran­chise crossover! [ does Vul­can salute]

What’s the tone of this year’s Christ­mas spe­cial like?

It’s got a good mix­ture of quite hu­mor­ous bits but also quite dark bits. I think it’s go­ing to be pretty fright­en­ing too. Even though it’s sci­ence fic­tion it’s got a nice MR Jamesy Christ­mas ghost story feel, that kind of cor­ner of the eye hor­ror. I think be­cause it’s got laughs in it the scares can be pushed a lot darker. I think some bits will be pretty terrifying.

Do elves have smart­phones? Do they take elfies?

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