Rebel Rousers

Five more SF rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies

SFX - - Rated / Cinema -

Roj Blake Blake’s 7

Spent most of his time trav­el­ling through the galaxy sab­o­tag­ing the bases of the despotic Fed­er­a­tion. Though the rebel hero’s in­ten­tions were noble, Blake’s au­to­cratic lead­er­ship style and in­creas­ing mono­ma­nia of­ten in­fu­ri­ated his com­rades. Cae­sar Con­quest Of The Planet Of The Apes

Child of Cor­nelius and Zira, this chimp had good rea­son to hate hu­man­ity: his par­ents were shot dead, and the cir­cus owner who raised him died es­cap­ing in­ter­ro­ga­tion. Lit­tle won­der, then, that he led a re­volt, re­leas­ing dis­obe­di­ent slave apes, arm­ing them, and set­ting the city ablaze.

For Ven­detta

In Alan Moore’s clas­sic comic, an an­ar­chist fights the fas­cist regime rul­ing the UK with a com­bi­na­tion of dag­gers, hack­ing and high ex­plo­sives – blow­ing up London land­marks like Big Ben. Thanks to Anony­mous, his Guy Fawkes mask is now a per­ma­nent best­seller at For­bid­den Planet…

Princess Leia

Star Wars

The Patty Hearst of the Rebel Al­liance… in the sense that she’s also a glam­orous rich girl. The Alder­aan royal has her fair share of blood on her hands – did the work­ers build­ing the sec­ond Death Star re­ally de­serve to be blown to smithereens, hmm?

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