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SFX - - Rated / Dvd & blu- ray -

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2014 | 12 | Blu- ray/ DVD Di­rec­tor: Michel Gondry Cast: Ro­main Duris, Au­drey Tautou, Gad El­maleh, Omar Sy, Aïssa Maïga

Jam- packed

with quirky de­tails you’ll prob­a­bly miss first time round, Michel Gondry’s fan­tasy ro­mance is ideal for home view­ing. Based on a 1947 novel by Boris Vian, it be­gins fluffy and sweet, as candy floss; then dark clouds of doom de­scend.

Ro­main Duris and Au­drey Tautou are Colin and Chloe, a cou­ple so cute you may want to slap them. He lives in a train car­riage sus­pended be­tween two build­ings, sur­rounded by Heath Robin­sonesque con­trap­tions. A typ­i­cal day in­volves tour­ing the city in a cloud dan­gling from a crane, or danc­ing to jazz with im­pos­si­bly bendy legs. Then a wa­ter lily starts grow­ing in Chloe’s lung, and ev­ery­thing about their per­fect world be­gins to de­cay.

More cyn­i­cal souls may drown in its del­uge of whimsy, and the tragedy lacks im­pact, since the char­ac­ters lack sub­stance; it’s all too fan­ci­ful to be truly af­fect­ing. But Gondry’s quick­sil­ver imag­i­na­tion de­liv­ers so many de­lights that it’s never less than di­vert­ing.

Ex­tras: “Be­hind Michel Gondry” ( 39 min­utes) shows the di­rec­tor’s work­ing meth­ods ( im­pro­visatory, chaotic) and character ( con­trol freak­ery, manic en­ergy, im­pa­tience). A 21- minute fea­turette shows how var­i­ous se­quences were con­structed. Plus four more fea­turettes ( 28 min­utes), five deleted scenes, and more. The Blu- ray ( rated) adds a Di­rec­tor’s Cut that’s 40 min­utes longer! Ian Berriman Michel Gondry also plays Chloe’s doc­tor, be­cause his first choice, ’ 60s pop star Jac­ques Dutronc, was un­avail­able.

He was about to find out how The Bench Of Re­jec­tion got its name.

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