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Re­lease Date: 29 De­cem­ber

2014 | 15 | DVD So the towns­folk of Ch­ester’s Mill are still stuck un­der an in­vis­i­ble dome, act­ing ex­actly the op­po­site to how you’d ex­pect folk stuck un­der an in­vis­i­ble dome would do… This sea­son it’s “freak event of the week”, more ques­tions about the Dome’s orig­i­nal pur­pose, an es­cape which proves to­tally un­ex­cit­ing, the rev­e­la­tion that only about five peo­ple in the out­side world care about the Dome, lots of dull squab­bling, and would- be town pa­tri­arch “Big Jim” pre­tend­ing to be nice, but go­ing nasty when­ever the plot flags. What a waste of a good idea.

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