Patema In­verted

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Love has its ups and downs

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2013 | PG | Dual- for­mat Blu- ray & DVD ( Stan­dard Edi­tion/ Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion/ Ul­ti­mate Edi­tion) Di­rec­tor: Ya­suhiro Yoshiura Cast: Yukiyo Fu­jii, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Shin­tarô Oo­hata, Shinya Fuku­matsu, Masayuki Katô

Ghi­bli doesn’t

have ex­clu­sive rights to charm­ing an­ime fairy tales with world­wide crossover ap­peal. While the dull 2012 French film Up­side Down com­pletely fudged the en­tic­ing con­cept of a girl from one world fall­ing in love with a boy from another where ev­ery­thing is the other way up, Patema In­verted has much more fun with the idea, and de­liv­ers some sim­ply breathtaking vi­su­als in the process.

Patema lives in a dark, cramped un­der­ground world. On the sur­face is the Or­wellian to­tal­i­tar­ian state of Eija. The prob­lem is, grav­ity works in op­po­site di­rec­tions to the peo­ple of each world, so when Patema ac­ci­den­tally en­ters Eija, she risks “fall­ing ” into the sky. And the leader of Eija is not happy with an “in­vert” in­fect­ing his per­fect so­ci­ety…

It’s a sim­ple tale, well- told with wit, in­ven­tion and visual magic. You don’t need to be an an­ime fan to love Patema In­verted, just some­one with a sense of won­der.

Ex­tras: A mas­sive amount on all three edi­tions, in­clud­ing an ex­citable com­men­tary by the orig­i­nal Ja­panese cast ( in Ja­panese with sub­ti­tles), var­i­ous cast and di­rec­tor in­ter­views ( from two to 13 min­utes), trail­ers and – amus­ingly, but some­what point­lessly – 27 min­utes of the film shown up­side down so you can see what it looks like from Patema’s point of view! The more ex­pen­sive edi­tions add in chunky book­lets and ex­clu­sive pack­ag­ing and art. Dave Golder The chat­ter of voices heard dur­ing the open­ing cred­its is spo­ken in the con­structed lan­guage Esperanto.

Love mak­ing was a com­pli­cated task.

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