Wild’s End

Aliens vs an­i­mals

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Pub­lisher: Boom! Stu­dios Writer: Dan Ab­nett Artist: INJ Cul­bard

With Dark Ages pub­lish­ing simultaneously over at Dark Horse, Dan Ab­nett and INJ Cul­bard are on a roll. And with an ex­trater­res­trial men­ace crash­ing down upon an un­sus­pect­ing Earth in both se­ries, the­matic links can be drawn be­tween the two.

De­scribed as The War Of The Worlds meets The Wind In The Wil­lows, Wild’s End is su­pe­rior to Dark Ages’ more straight­for­ward sce­nario of a band of me­dieval mer­ce­nar­ies bat­tling in­vad­ing aliens, and its quintessen­tially English vil­lage and var­i­ous an­thro­po­mor­phic an­i­mal res­i­dents fit Cul­bard’s de­cep­tively sim­ple art­work well. Fea­tur­ing im­pres­sive at­ten­tion to de­tail, it’s so af­fec­tion­ately drawn that it’s almost a shame when the idyl­lic peace is shat­tered by the ar­rival of a mys­te­ri­ous me­chan­i­cal de­vice…

Half­way through this six- parter, deadly ro­botic crea­tures are so far the most that we’ve seen of the oth­er­worldly threat. Fo­cus­ing on a rag- tag group of un­easy al­lies in­clud­ing brood­ing for­mer seadog Clive, reclu­sive fe­line au­thor Susan and wily rogue Fawkes ( a fox, of course), Ab­nett ramps up the ten­sion and has no qualms about slaugh­ter­ing your favourite character – no mat­ter how cute they are. He also pep­pers the script with some de­li­ciously sar­donic one- lin­ers ( the smell of one porcine vic­tim burn­ing in her home is de­scribed as “crack­ling ”). All in all, it makes for an amus­ing an­i­mal comic you will want to pork out on.

London- bred Cul­bard spent sum­mers in Poland. As English prac­tice, his mum had him copy from The Wind In The Wil­lows.

Bunny bowlers are in this year.

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