Teen Titans: Earth One Vol­ume One

Teenage Kicks

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Re­lease Date: OUT NOW!

144 pages | Hard­back/ ebook Pub­lisher: DC Comics Writer: Jeff Lemire Artists: Terry Dod­son, Rachel Dod­son

DC hasn’t ex­actly been cracking the whip as far as the Earth One graphic nov­els go – this lat­est re­lease in the se­ries is only the fourth to ap­pear since 2011, and the first in over two years. Con­ceived as self- con­tained, ac­ces­si­ble re­boots for the book­store mar­ket, crit­i­cal ac­claim for pre­vi­ous Earth One vol­umes has been patchy but they’ve been fi­nan­cial suc­cesses, so it makes sense to broaden the se­ries out from Su­per­man and Bat­man- based ti­tles with DC’s popular team of youth­ful he­roes.

Mak­ing sweep­ing changes from the of­fi­cial DC ori­gin story, this open­ing ad­ven­ture brings the Titans to­gether as a group of dis­af­fected Ore­gon- based teens who start ex­pe­ri­enc­ing strange alien vi­sions. Th­ese spark off a se­ries of bizarre trans­for­ma­tions, as they each dis­cover new abil­i­ties that also throw them into di­rect con­flict with their par­ents, who’ve known about their po­ten­tial su­per­pow­ers for a very long time, set­ting the scene for a bat­tle be­tween the younger and older gen­er­a­tions,…

Writer Jeff Lemire keeps the ac­tion en­gag­ing and the char­ac­ters re­lat­able, even if he can’t dis­guise the almighty debt the plot owes to Brian K Vaughan’s Mar­vel teen saga Run­aways. The art from Terry and Rachel Dod­son is car­toonier than their nor­mal style but en­joy­able all the same, and there’s a healthy mix of emo­tive drama and su­per­hero ac­tion. This first vol­ume isn’t quite a must- read, but it does sets up an en­ter­tain­ing story while also hint­ing at promis­ing di­rec­tions to come.

One of the Earth One nov­els still lack­ing a re­lease date is Grant Mor­ri­son and Yan­nick Pa­que­tte’s take on Won­der Woman.

There’s a new look for Cy­borg.

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