Call Of Duty: Ad­vanced War­fare

COD with too much salt

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Re­lease Date: OUT NOW!

For­mat re­viewed: PS4 Also avail­able on: PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC Pub­lisher: Ac­tivi­sion


wis­dom would have it that you can’t teach an old COD new tricks; that its for­mula was carved into a stone tablet years ago, never to be de­fied. But Ad­vanced War­fare doesn’t care about that stone tablet. It’s here to change things. It’s here to give you some­thing new: the free­dom of the Exo Suit, which is def­i­nitely not rip­ping off Ti­tan­fall. No.

Your new techno- trousers of­fer up fresh move­ment op­tions, and maps have been de­signed with that ver­ti­cal­ity in mind. On­line mul­ti­player flour­ishes thanks to de­vel­oper Sledge­ham­mer’s will­ing­ness to splice COD’s slightly in­bred DNA with out­side in­flu­ences such as Team Fortress 2. Sin­gle­player, though, doesn’t. The over- arch­ing nar­ra­tive of a cor­po­ra­tion ex­ploit­ing a global ter­ror threat to gain a stran­gle­hold on mil­i­tary re­sources is more than strong enough to keep things tick­ing over. Kevin Spacey adds not just A- lis­ter glitz to the plot, but oc­ca­sional mo­ments of bril­liant dra­matic ex­e­cu­tion. Then you’re pre­sented with a “Press tri­an­gle to pay re­spects” quick time event at an oth­er­wise som­bre mil­i­tary fu­neral, and the whole house of cards ( high five!) falls down.

Ad­vanced War­fare is good at chang­ing the pace by in­tro­duc­ing le­nient stealth bits to soothe your trig­ger fin­ger after the last big gun­fight, but it won’t ever ad­mit the ab­sur­dity of its events. Stick to on­line play. Phil Iwaniuk

A whop­ping 3% of Ad­vanced War­fare’s solo story is spent look­ing at your character’s hands. Thrilling stuff.

Kevin Spacey’s dig­i­tal form is un­set­tlingly re­al­is­tic.

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