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Cel­e­brat­ing the sil­li­est mo­ments from the month in TV

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Hair­cut Of The Month

No won­der Thea’s angry on Ar­row. That new ’ do makes her look like a Troll doll!

Far- fetched Physics Of Th e Month

The zom­bies we can buy, but this van land­ing on its wheels in The Walk­ing Dead? No chance.

Eight­ies Gamer Of Th e Month

Is that an arm brace or a Nin­tendo Power Glove on The Flash?

Ro bots I n Dis­guise Of Th e Month

For­get the Mad Max cos­tumes, is that a Trans­former back there on The 100?

Grand En­trance Of The Month

De­spite the um­brella-as­sisted land­ing we doubt Missy would make the per­fect nanny on Doc­tor Who.

The White Stuff Of Th e Month

The Snow Queen’s most pow­er­ful magic on Once Upon A Time? Trekking through the mud and emerg­ing with a pris­tine white dress.

Boh emian Rhap­sody Of Th e Month

We didn’t have Dot pegged for a Queen fan on Amer­i­can Hor­ror Story.

In- Joke Of The Month

For­mer Horn­blower Ioan Gruf­fudd can’t even get away from ships on For­ever. This one’s in the logo of his son’s an­tique store.

Catchi­est Choo n Of Th e Month

“The Road So Far” from Su­per­nat­u­ral’s su­perb “Fan Fic­tion” episode is still re­fus­ing to leave our brains.

Softie Of The Month

Who knew The Vam­pire Di­aries’ Damon was so at­tached to his teddy?

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