An­gels at Christ­mas? Have we got the quiz for you!

How much do you know about be­ings of light? Call­ing all Aveng­ing An­gels – an­gels, kick- ass an­gels

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1 In which film did Mar­ius Goring play the heav­enly Con­duc­tor 71? 2 The film Michael, star­ring John Tra­volta as a smoking, drink­ing, swear­ing an­gel liv­ing with an old lady on Earth, was re­leased in which year? 3 Which au­thor writes the Blood And Feath­ers fan­tasy books? 4 In which 2010 film does the Ar­changel Michael pro­tect the Par­adise Falls diner from an army led by Gabriel? 5 The An­gels of Mons is a popular legend about sol­diers re­ceiv­ing su­per­nat­u­ral aid. When did the fate­ful bat­tle take place? 6 Who plays the mu­tant An­gel in X- Men: The Last Stand? 7 Cap­tain Scar­let And The Mys­terons fans: name all five of Spec­trum’s An­gel In­ter­cep­tor pi­lots. 8 “I saw... noth­ing,” says Baby­lon 5’ s Londo Mol­lari. Which an­gelic character did he alone fail to see? 9 An­gel is played by David Bore­anaz in Joss Whe­don’s ace vam­pire TV shows. But what was the character’s orig­i­nal hu­man name? 1 4 In the 2005 film ver­sion of

Con­stan­tine, Tilda Swin­ton plays Gabriel. Who plays Lu­cifer? 1 5 Name the world where the

Di­ablo video games are set. 1 6 When did we first see 2000

AD’s An­gel Gang in print? 1 7 Which character has been played by both Peter Ca­paldi ( TV) and Bene­dict Cum­ber­batch ( Ra­dio)? 1 8 In Tar­takovsky’s

Star Wars: Clone Wars an­i­mated se­ries, what is The Azure An­gel? 1 9 In which 1995 film does Christo­pher Walken take on the role of the Ar­changel Gabriel? 20 Which pair cre­ated the TV se­ries Dark An­gel?

Cameron James and Eglee H Charles 20 Prophecy The 19 ship Starfighter Jedi Anakin’s 18

Nev­er­where in Is­ling­ton An­gel The 17 160) Prog ( 1980 16 Sanc­tu­ary 15 Stor­mare Peter 14 Law Eter­nal 13 Ris­ing”) Lazarus “one, episode (

four Sea­son 12 Mul­li­gan Carey 11 An­gels Charlie’s in Charlie 10 Liam 9 Kosh am­bas­sador Vor­lon 8 Sym­phony and Rhap­sody Melody, Har­mony, Des­tiny, 7 Foster Ben 6 1914 Au­gust 23 5

Le­gion 4 Mor­gan Lou 3 1996 2 Death

And Life Of Mat­ter A 1 AN­SWERS


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