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As Star Wars re­turns to Mar­vel, Ja­son Aaron takes the fran­chise back to the be­gin­ning

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Writer Ja­son Aaron gives us the info on Star Wars’ re­turn to Mar­vel.

Almost thirty years after they pub­lished their last Star Wars comic, Mar­vel is head­ing back to a galaxy far, far away in 2015 with three new se­ries – Star Wars by Ja­son Aaron and John Cas­sa­day, Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen and Sal­vador Lar­roca, and the five- is­sue mini Princess Leia by Mark Waid and Terry Dod­son. The chance to steer the flag­ship ti­tle was too ex­cit­ing for Ja­son Aaron to re­sist. “I had to come off the X- Men book I was do­ing a lit­tle sooner than I wanted to and it threw what I thought I was go­ing to be do­ing for the rest of this year all up into the air,” he says, “But I don’t re­gret that. This kind of job doesn’t come around very of­ten, so you’ve got to grab it.”

The new se­ries picks up the story in the af­ter­math of the de­struc­tion of the first Death Star. Aaron says, “[ Mar­vel is] start­ing over with a brand new canon. I love the thought that ba­si­cally it’s 1978 and I was hired to write a se­quel to that orig­i­nal film. The Rebel Al­liance just scored this huge vic­tory, so it’s about the rebels do­ing ev­ery­thing they can to try to press their ad­van­tage. It opens with them stag­ing an as­sault on another Im­pe­rial tar­get and of course the mis­sion doesn’t go quite as planned.

“There are some things you can’t do,” says Aaron about es­tab­lished sto­ry­lines, “But you can get cre­ative in terms of which char­ac­ters cross paths and in what ways, so you’ll def­i­nitely see com­bi­na­tions in th­ese books that we haven’t seen be­fore. There are a lot of things we’ll be do­ing to dance be­tween those rain­drops.”

Star Wars is­sue 1 is re­leased on 14 Jan­uary 2015.

John Cas­sady’s Star Wars cover art. Shiny. Wait... wrong space se­ries.

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