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Wow. That voice, that song, that Hulk­buster ar­mour... and not a trade­mark Whe­don wise­crack in sight. If you need me I’ll be watch­ing this trailer on a loop for the next five months.


Some­one’s spun the grim ‘ n’ moody dial… Almost a Warner/ DC tone for Mar­vel but this does look ace. Ul­tron was al­ways com­pelling in the comics and he looks like he’ll be a thrilling threat on screen.


It’s dis­con­cert­ing con­nect­ing James Spader’s voice to a ro­bot, but oth­er­wise the chaos in the trailer looks de­li­cious! Also, that’s a nice creepy remix of “I’ve Got No Strings”...


Five months feels like far too long to wait! James Spader is as mes­meris­ing as ever, and the Avengers them­selves look suit­ably un­der pres­sure. It does look a lit­tle sim­i­lar to the first film, though.


Be­sides win­ning the award for Creepi­est Use of the Pinoc­chio Sound­track Ever, it sug­gests a se­quel so dark as to make The Em­pire Strikes Back look like Grease 2. Joss shows us how it’s done.

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