“Is it too much to ask for Bri­tish fans to see Su­per­nat­u­ral ?”

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re­lease has been de­layed. A week you ask? A month? Nope, it has been de­layed un­til Oc­to­ber 2015! Bear­ing in mind sea­son ten has just started air­ing in Amer­ica that is to­tally out of or­der! Is it too much to ask for Bri­tish fans to ac­tu­ally see it? The show has fan­tas­tic support over here and yet we fans are treated like poor re­la­tions by the broad­cast­ers and the dis­trib­u­tors.

An­nie Ken­ney, email For a show with a hugely pas­sion­ate fan­base it’s baf­fling why Su­per­nat­u­ral has had such shoddy treat­ment in the UK, es­pe­cially of late. A chan­nel pick­ing it up over here seems un­likely now, but if any­one from Ama­zon or Net­flix is read­ing: you’d be wise to snap up sea­sons nine and ten.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

I just had to send this email to say a very sin­cere thank you for your re­cent, fan­tas­tic spe­cial edi­tion: The Com­plete SFX Guide To Ghost­busters. I’ve al­ways en­joyed read­ing your Spe­cial Edi­tions, but I have to say that this one has to be my favourite. It is an ex­tremely well put to­gether spe­cial, with some great be­hind the scenes pho­tos, in­ter­views and well re­searched facts about the movies. I par­tic­u­larly liked the fact that you de­cided to in­clude the spin offs such as the an­i­mated shows, the comics and the video games, mak­ing this the most in­dis­pens­able guide to the Ghost­busters phe­nom­e­non ever printed. Please keep up the good work.

Paul Stentaford, Taun­ton It was only the ab­sence of a line about how rugged and manly Will Sal­mon, the fine fel­low who edited our Ghost­busters spe­cial, is that con­vinced me he didn’t write this heart- warm­ingly ef­fu­sive let­ter him­self. Thanks for your kind words Paul!

Gotham Dis­sected

I’ve got a few prob­lems with Gotham. Let’s break it down: very cheesy open­ing with a pint sized Cat­woman pranc­ing about the rooftops. The death of the Waynes felt very stagey. The guy play­ing Jim Gor­don looks like a lab- grown cross be­tween Ed Nor­ton and Shia LaBeouf. Gotham po­lice depart­ment can’t af­ford light­ing? Is ev­ery­one go­ing to be pen­sion­able by the time Bruce Wayne puts on the suit? Show, don’t tell. Look it’s the Rid­dler! The Pen­guin! A lit­tle girl called Ivy who likes plants! I won­der who that co­me­dian could be? Lame. The Pen­guin kills a fish­er­man for a sand­wich? Bar­bara Gor­don is a su­per­model with a pent­house or some­thing? Is this for real? I’ll prob­a­bly watch a few more but I can’t see it im­prov­ing.

Neil Hick­man, Stour­bridge I’m quite en­joy­ing Gotham. It isn’t ap­point­ment telly at the mo­ment, but give it time. I’ve got a feel­ing it could be great.

SFX 2.0

With SFX’s TV and film reviews go­ing to Gamesradar. com does this mean your book reviews will no longer be on­line? I tend to use your book reviews more than your TV or film ones. And on a prac­ti­cal

note please tell me there is a way to fil­ter out the game stuff from the new site?

Cher­ryWolfe, Mel­bourne Ah yes. In case the rest of you haven’t heard, SFX. co. uk and GamesRadar have joined forces to cre­ate a new gar­gan­tuan site for all your en­ter­tain­ment needs, GamesRadar+. To ad­dress your con­cerns Cherry: books cov­er­age will still be part of our on­line mix, and yes, we have our own ded­i­cated page – gamesradar. com/ sfx – which will only show you SFX- rel­e­vant sci- fi and fan­tasy stuff. And the mag­a­zine will re­main com­pletely un­af­fected by the changes on­line.

Rebel Yell

It’s a good time for Star Wars fans. Rebels has just launched, and while it doesn’t quite match the stan­dards of The Clone Wars’ lat­ter sea­sons, it’s def­i­nitely got po­ten­tial. And, of course, we have JJ Abram’s new Star Wars film to look for­ward to next year. But I can’t help feel­ing like they’re desperately en­gag­ing with our nostal­gia genes to keep us in­ter­ested. Some of the things that have made me grin the most about Rebels are the de­signs of Zeb and Chopper, and the in­ter­nal lay­out of the Ghost. Quite aside from the worry that soon there won’t be any of Ralph McQuar­rie’s orig­i­nal sketch books left to plun­der, I just can’t help shake the feel­ing that Dis­ney are just try­ing to en­gage with our fond mem­o­ries of the orig­i­nal tril­ogy, in a way that seems to say “don’t worry, they won’t be shit like the pre­quels”.

The Llama God, The Dark and Cyn­i­cal Lands North of the Wall There’s noth­ing wrong with ap­peal­ing to nostal­gia if you in­no­vate at the same time. Look at JJ’s Star Trek for the per­fect ex­am­ple of how it’s done ( or, sadly, look at Star Trek

Into Dark­ness for how to get it dis­as­trously wrong).


I have just watched “Kill the Moon”, a po­ten­tially good episode of Doc­tor Who un­til the egg rev­e­la­tion. For me the twist that the moon is an egg, that hatches a space dragon, which then lays an egg big­ger than it­self, in ex­actly the right or­bit, with­out caus­ing fur­ther cat­a­strophic dam­age to the Earth’s en­vi­ron­ment to­tally un­der­mines the rest of the episode ( maybe the se­ries) and makes the pro­gramme laugh­able. Fan­tas­ti­cal plots need to be grounded in re­al­ity to be be­liev­able. Per­haps the pro­duc­tion crew needs to em­ploy a sci­en­tific ad­vi­sor to proof read scripts be­fore they get ap­proved for pro­duc­tion. Maybe somebody like Dr Mag­gie Aderin- Po­cock whose re­cent, and ex­cel­lent, BBC Four pro­gramme “Do We Re­ally Need The Moon?” makes “Kill The Moon” fee­ble in com­par­i­son.

Paul Vought, email What is it with Doc­tor Who and eggs this month? My big­gest prob­lem – why did no- one freak out the sec­ond they saw gi­ant cob­webs on the Moon?

The Ghost­busters pick the most awk­ward an­gle to read praise of our spe­cial.

Not quite the real thing – but Star Wars Rebels will do un­til The Force Awak­ens.

Moon eggs: pretty shoddy sci­ence for a Doc­tor.

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