Nick Frost is Fa­ther Christ­mas

SFX - - Doctor who -

Does it feel like a big­gie when the call comes to do Doc­tor Who?

Yeah, of course – and a Christ­mas episode too. Had I dropped hints to Steven [ Mof­fat]? No, never. I’m not like that. I like to get a job be­cause I was the right per­son for it, not be­cause I’d fol­lowed Steven home from work and sat out­side his apart­ment. I met him when we did Tintin. The BBC do a big World­wide thing in Liver­pool each year, and I went this year be­cause of Mr Sloane. And I saw him there re­ally cut­ting a rug. A big hip- hop track dropped and he just went crazy. I took my glasses off. He can move. I thought wow, we have a shared in­ter­est in hip- hop, so I’m in.

Did you have to keep your cast­ing se­cret?

I’m not good with se­crets at the best of times. I was al­right, I didn’t say any­thing. I was close a few times. Hav­ing that kind of in­for­ma­tion… you just think “I’m go­ing to tweet it! I’m go­ing to tweet it! I can’t not tweet it! Send!” But yeah, they im­plant like an ex­plod­ing bomblet in your neck, and when­ever some­thing gets retweeted more than 800 times Steven sets it off.

What’s your take on Santa?

He’s a bit cock­ney, ac­tu­ally. He’s a bit of a geezer, he’s a bit hard, and then his al­ter- ego is “Ho ho ho!”. In his in­ter­ac­tions with the Doc­tor there’s a weird sense that they kind of know each other. It’s never re­marked upon, but they cer­tainly had beef in the past, they have some kind of is­sue with each other. It’s like Mag­gie Simp­son and the one- eye­brow baby… they just don’t like each other, which is funny to play. I’ve tried to make him funny and charm­ing, but he also has a weird edge to him. It’s such a weird thing. I’ve got tiny lit­tle glasses as well and they’re ac­tu­ally Richard At­ten­bor­ough’s glasses that he wore in The Mir­a­cle On 34th Street. I think I’m just chan­nel­ing his en­ergy through those spec­ta­cles. I’m hav­ing a real is­sue in that I haven’t shown my son any pic­tures of me as Fa­ther Christ­mas be­cause I think it would blow his mind. He’s three.

How is it shar­ing scenes with Peter Ca­paldi?

He’s great. He’s ex­actly what the Doc­tor should be. He’s manic and cross and pas­sion­ate and clever and funny. That’s what I want on a Satur­day. He’s got such a beau­ti­ful face, and his eyes are so in­cred­i­ble. And he’s a real gig­gler – who knew that? He said he’s only corpsed twice in the se­ries but I man­aged to get him ev­ery day!

Have you had any fan­boy mo­ments on set?

Oh god, yeah. I had a cou­ple of scenes off so I was hav­ing a lit­tle snoop around. I turned a cor­ner and there was a Weep­ing An­gel, right out­side a toi­let… It was so creepy. I thought “I want to do a wee, but what if I come out and it’s moved slightly?”

And you look the part…

I never knew that I’d look so good as Fa­ther Christ­mas. Frosty the Snow­man. A jolly happy soul.

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