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The Pitch: Su­per- speed­ster Barry Allen ( Ezra Miller) is the hero who pro­tects Cen­tral City from crime in his se­cret iden­tity as the Flash.

The Prom­ise: Any­one watch­ing the cur­rent Flash TV show will know that this has the po­ten­tial to match the vi­brant, emo­tive fun of a Mar­vel film, and the su­per- speed ef­fects will look even bet­ter on a block­buster bud­get. Star Ezra Miller will likely be mak­ing his de­but in 2017’ s Jus­tice League, so it isn’t clear yet ex­actly how this stand­alone ad­ven­ture will fit in with DC’s over­all su­per­hero saga. At the very least, The Flash is too colour­ful and goofy to go the gritty- and­se­ri­ous route, and is the clos­est thing on the DC slate to an ac­ces­si­ble all- round crowd- pleaser – but 2011’ s bland Green Lan­tern mis­fire looked equally promis­ing. A di­rec­tor and writer for this one will need to be cho­sen with care…

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