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The Pitch: Test pi­lot Hal Jor­dan ex­pands his hori­zons when he joins the in­ter­ga­lac­tic jus­tice force known as the Green Lan­tern Corps…

The Prom­ise: Warner Bros will be pray­ing to ev­ery avail­able god that nine years will have been enough time for ev­ery­one to have for­got­ten about the fail­ure of 2011’ s Green Lan­tern and to give this re­boot a chance. There’ll be op­por­tu­ni­ties to seed Lan­tern Corps mythol­ogy in the Jus­tice League movies while the new Green Lan­tern could make his proper de­but here. Cor­rect­ing some of the 2011 movie’s mis­steps won’t be hard, but there’s still the fact that cer­tain as­pects of Green Lan­tern’s rainbow- coloured lit­er­al­ism may play eas­ier in comics than in movies. A looser adap­ta­tion that in­jects some Guardians Of The Galaxy- style en­ergy and ir­rev­er­ence might be ex­actly what this re­boot needs…

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