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The Pitch: Billy Bat­son is a young boy gifted with pow­ers of wiz­ardry, and when he shouts “Shazam!” he trans­forms into a mighty adult su­per­hero…

The Prom­ise: A su­per­pow­ered ver­sion of the Tom Hanks clas­sic Big, Shazam is a long- run­ning character who ac­tu­ally out­sold Su­per­man dur­ing the 1940s. Nick­named The Big Red Cheese, he’d pos­si­bly play bet­ter as an all- ages CGI an­i­ma­tion than in the same uni­verse as Man Of Steel. There have been hints this could be a lighter film that wouldn’t di­rectly tie to the DCU – Dwayne John­son’s an­nounce­ment that he’d be play­ing Shazam’s main ad­ver­sary Black Adam sug­gested pro­duc­tion would hap­pen soon – but the be­lated 2019 re­lease date may in­di­cate sec­ond thoughts. Could Warner now be look­ing to the “edgier” New 52 ver­sion of Shazam?

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