New to Moor­cock? Here are three books to be­gin with…

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The fan­tasy one El­ric of Mel­ni­boné and Other Sto­ries

The best place to start is with Gol­lancz’s de­fin­i­tive edi­tions of the saga of El­ric, a character who’s one of the key man­i­fes­ta­tions of the idea of the Eter­nal Cham­pion, a hero who ex­ists across time and di­men­sions within the Mul­ti­verse. More pro­saically, El­ric is also an al­bino prince who wields a souldrink­ing sword.

The hip­ster one

The Cor­nelius Quar­tet

Se­cret agent, coun­ter­cul­ture face and ad­ven­turer Jerry Cor­nelius is another re­cur­ring Moor­cock character who ap­pears to be an as­pect of the Eter­nal Cham­pion. This vol­ume gath­ers up four nov­els, in­clud­ing The Con­di­tion Of Muzak, which won the 1977 Guardian Fic­tion Prize.

The lit­er­ary one

Byzan­tium En­dures

Maxim Ar­tur­ovitch Py­at­nit­ski is an an­ti­semite, a thug, a fas­cist and, most def­i­nitely, an un­re­li­able nar­ra­tor. As the cen­tral character in the Pyat Quar­tet, he also en­ables Moor­cock to show us the hor­rors of the 20th cen­tury. Moor­cock wrote

Mother London in part to take a break from Pyat.

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