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How does it feel tak­ing over the lead in An­gel Of Death? Any pres­sure?

Ab­so­lutely. It’s a weight on my shoul­ders, with the suc­cess of the first film which was led by Daniel Rad­cliffe. I re­ally en­joyed the first film, I thought it was amaz­ing and in­cred­i­bly, in­cred­i­bly scary. But hope­fully I’m up to the chal­lenge.

Tell us about Eve…

She’s kind of a mother fig­ure. He­len McCrory’s character, Jean, is the ar­che­typal teacher of the 1940s. Eve is a more mod­ern take on a teacher, more tac­tile and softer. Although she does have her own demons, and it’s that and the safety of the chil­dren that’s the driv­ing force be­hind her putting her­self in dan­ger. Be­cause there’s al­ways that thing in hor­ror of, “Why? Why are you go­ing into the cel­lar with one lamp!”

Is it scary film­ing a scary film?

I think I’ve been the most scared on this set. [ Di­rec­tor] Tom Harper’s taken to just scar­ing me in re­hearsals by jumping out at me. Yeah, some of it is scary, def­i­nitely. They’re film­ing it as dimly lit as they can, so some­times it can be quite dark. When we did the first few days and we were in this rot­ting manor house, I had to go down into the cel­lar with just this one lamp, and that was the only light­ing. I was scared. It felt like it was real.

And how is it to film with chil­dren?

It’s a learn­ing curve! Tom’s al­ways telling them off for ask­ing point­less ques­tions like, “Shall I say my line again in this take?” And Tom’s like, “Well, yes, you should al­ways say your line in ev­ery take.” They’re re­ally lovely, though, and they’re re­ally good ac­tors as well which is slightly un­set­tling.

The Woman In Black: An­gel Of Death is re­leased on Thurs­day 1 Jan­uary.

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