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Were you aware of the long de­vel­op­ment of Pow­ers from comic book to TV se­ries?

No, it was just another au­di­tion. I wasn’t aware they were try­ing to make a se­ries or had been work­ing on it for so long.

Did you turn to the comics for re­search?

My ini­tial re­sponse was all in­stinct. After I was in the call­back process, I read the comics which were my main source of in­spi­ra­tion. I wanted to get to the essence of who I thought Deena was. Right now, I’m work­ing through a book called

Homi­cide which is about get­ting into the brain of a de­tec­tive.

Is that your win­dow into the more pro­ce­dural as­pects of the show?

Yes. I’m a homi­cide de­tec­tive so I see peo­ple at their worst and their dead­est. I go sniff­ing around their his­tory, why some­one killed them.

What ap­pealed to you about Charlie Hus­ton’s script?

There was a strong sense of need from ev­ery character which is ex­cit­ing be­cause when those needs are at cross pur­poses there’s a chance for real deep con­flict. The world isn’t al­ways glam­orous. We’ve got a great metaphor for su­per­pow­ers as huge celebri­ties with en­dorse­ment deals and money and fans, but it’s not al­ways shiny and glit­tery.

How is it work­ing with Sharlto Co­p­ley?

I find Sharlto in­cred­i­bly in­ven­tive and very tense. He’ll ask a lot of ques­tions so it can be a whirl­wind of try­ing things and then just say­ing, “Ok, let’s give that one a try.”

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