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You play a vil­lain who’s fea­tured heav­ily as the comic book un­folds. Are they us­ing Wolfe the same way in the se­ries?

We’re go­ing in a slightly dif­fer­ent place. [ At the start] he’s a less vis­i­ble character. We take the essence of char­ac­ters and story and build in that di­rec­tion. I made him English be­cause if he’s that old, he’d need to be English. You only have two cen­turies in Amer­ica. Plus all su­per­heroes are Amer­i­can. It’s been a his­tor­i­cal thing which is in­ter­est­ing from a Euro­pean per­spec­tive be­cause we have all this his­tory sit­ting around.

What was it about Pow­ers that lured you back into another TV se­ries com­mit­ment?

It’s got in­ter­est­ing places to drive to and I’m in ex­actly the right place in my life to play this role. It’s tricky to land be­cause he has to be dark but be­guil­ing.

Aside from the ac­cent, are you find­ing any other in­ter­est­ing quirks to Wolfe?

I’ve worked out his theme song is “Mona Lisa” as I’ve been walk­ing around cov­ered in blood. It fits so oddly. I’ve al­ready pitched this to Charlie ( Hus­ton). I feel like I need to sing it at some point while killing. It’s such an odd song about a woman who is a block of ice. “Many dreams have been brought to your door step. They just lie there and they die there...”

What a fuck­ing line!

Do you feel any affin­ity to su­per­hero sto­ries?

I have the pow­ers of trans in my own life. It looks like a mas­sive curse but it’s ac­tu­ally a mas­sive bless­ing. It’s ge­net­ics and not a choice and that links me to the pow­ers thing.

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