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The Abyss is one of the few flicks to fall foul of the BBFC’s ( some­times) strict an­i­mal cru­elty laws. The “liq­uid breath­ing” that Cameron il­lus­trates in the movie ac­tu­ally does ex­ist – and works ( not that we are lin­ing up to try it) – but the sight of a ter­ri­fied rat be­ing plunged into a po­tion of oxy­gen- heavy fluid was too much for UK cen­sors. All Bri­tish re­lease copies of The Abyss skip this se­quence – although the cu­ri­ous can eas­ily find it stream­ing on YouTube. How­ever, given that ac­tor Ed Har­ris claims that he almost drowned mak­ing The Abyss (“For a brief sec­ond, I thought, ‘ This is it,’” stated the ac­tor in a 1989

in­ter­view with the

New York Times) per­haps our moral guardians should have also con­sid­ered “cru­elty to ac­tors” when cer­ti­fy­ing Cameron’s marine- themed mas­ter­work…

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