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Deja Vu: The Cy­ber­men com­ing down the steps of St Paul’s Cathe­dral in “Dark Wa­ter” is a nod to a scene in Pa­trick Troughton ad­ven­ture “The In­va­sion”.

Trivia: “Mummy On The Ori­ent Ex­press” guest star Frank Skin­ner is a life­long Who fan. “I’ve got a five­foot card­board Dalek in my bed­room and when I got the call say­ing they wanted me to read for the part, I was in the back of my tour bus watch­ing episode three of ‘ The Sen­sorites’,” he’s said.

Best Line: The Doc­tor ( to Clara): “Stop it with the eyes. Don’t do that with the eyes. How do you do that any­way? It’s like they in­flate.”

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