You Have Been Watch­ing… GOTHAM

SFX’s Face­book and Twit­ter users pass judge­ment on the Bat- pre­quel

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It’s been all about Pen­guin for me. He’s ace. MORE PEN­GUIN!

Di Alexan­der

En­joyed the first episode but it’s get­ting less in­ter­est­ing with each pass­ing week. It’s re­ally lit­tle more than another po­lice pro­ce­dural show, and doesn’t seem sure whether it wants to be gritty or camp.

Ian Sals­bury

Like it, but it’s no won­der Bat­man can beat his en­e­mies. By the time he’s 20, they’ll all be pen­sion­ers.

Glenn Marvell- James

I think it is an in­ter­est­ing new take on a story that ev­ery­one on the planet must know by now. I do en­joy spot­ting the fu­ture Batvil­lains, though.

Gary Pratt

The writ­ers have no clue what to do with cer­tain vil­lains be­cause there’s no Bat­man. They need to com­mit to mak­ing this about said vil­lains, and build up to a des­per­ate need for the Dark Knight. If they go with the adult and ma­ture, like the Bat­man games, they could be on to a win­ner.

Daniel South­would

I love how they are slowly drip feed­ing Oswald into the se­ries arc. Great writ­ing and re­spect for the character.

Phil Jones

I would much rather have seen Gotham Cen­tral as a TV show. Ac­tu­ally have Bat­man around, but not in the show, like an ur­ban legend.

Mark Howe

Ter­ri­ble act­ing, too many shoe­horned- in ref­er­ences and it’s a Bat­man se­ries with­out Bat­man. Too many lib­er­ties taken with some char­ac­ters. OTT and camp yet takes it­self far too se­ri­ously – fu­ture Gotham king­pin The Pen­guin just mur­ders a bloke for a sand­wich?

Neil Hick­man

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