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ITV adapt­ing Be­owulf a s a 1 3- part se­ries, pro­duced by Primeval’s Tim Haines.

Char­lie Hig­son ( above) script­ing a new, 10- part Jekyll And Hyde drama, also for ITV.

Sean Bean to star as mon­ster- hunt­ing law­man John Mar­lott in The Franken­stein Chronic les f or, y ou guessed it, ITV.

Bond screen­writ­ers Neil Purvis and Robert Wade adapt­ing Len Deighton’s alt- his­tory spy novel SS- GB f or B BC O ne.

Chan­nel 4 de­vel­op­ing half- hour com­edy Spac e Ark, set aboard the tit­u­lar in­ter­stel­lar ves­sel six months af­ter the end the end of the world.

Con­firmed: Man Of Steel pre­quel se­ries Kryp­ton, about Su­per­man’s grandad, un­der­way at Syfy. David S Goyer and Flash­For­ward’s Ian Goldberg will write.

Cult CG an­i­mated se­ries Re­Boot get­ting, er, re­booted. The sub­ti­tle is The Guardian Code.

War­ren El­lis’ Globa l Fre­quency, about a pri­vately funded crime­fight­ing syn­di­cate, snapped up by Warner Bros TV.

“It’s a wrong move to take a su­per­hero and give it psy­cho­log­i­cal re­al­ism. There is no psy­cho­log­i­cal re­al­ism. He’s a body­builder who

jumps off build­ings”

Pres­tige a uthor Christo­pher P ri­est s hows

Christo­pher Nolan some tough love.


Guardians Of The Galaxy made me feel 12 years old. Chris Pratt was in­cred­i­ble, and it looked beau­ti­ful, and felt like it was writ­ten by peo­ple I’d get on with. I’m glad there’s been a resur­gence of big space films. I en­joy any­thing with im­prob­a­ble space travel where you’re over­whelmed by the size of the uni­verse. But I haven’t seen 2001, which is re­miss of me.


I loved Red Dwarf and Quan­tum Leap to the point of ob­ses­sion. All my Christ­mas presents were books about one of them. I was in the fan club and bought the Smegazine and for some rea­son loads of greet­ings cards, which I didn’t send, just kept. Later on I liked Slid­ers, which was like a low- rent Quan­tum Leap.


I was very snobby when I was a teenager about su­per­hero comics. I went down the indie route. The ex­cep­tion was Alan Moore, where I’d be like “No, Watch­men is art!” I know Alan – he’s kind and a ge­nius, and I think he’s one of the most mag­i­cal men alive.


Clarisse from Fahren­heit 451 is this girl who Guy meets who is un­usual to him be­cause she’s a free thinker in a dystopian so­ci­ety. Her fam­ily don’t watch telly, while ev­ery­one else does, and she walks ev­ery­where when no­body does – she’s just fuck­ing cool. I love that book.

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