The RendLE­sham UFO In­ci­dent Into The Woods

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Wto Suffolk, he didn’t ex­pect to find the sub­ject for his next film lit­er­ally on his doorstep. But the Lon­don- born direc­tor was living on the edge of the Rendle­sham For­est, which in 1980 was the site of sev­eral sight­ings of un­ex­plained lights and the sup­posed land­ing of an ex­trater­res­trial craft.

“As a film­maker, I’ve al­ways wanted to make a UFO film,” he tells Red Alert. “It seemed like the ob­vi­ous thing to do. I also wanted to make a film about trea­sure hun­ters, so I just com­bined the two things to­gether.”

Renowned as “Bri­tain’s ver­sion of Roswell,” the in­ci­dent pro­vides the im­pe­tus for The Rendle­sham UFO In­ci­dent, although the ter­ri­fy­ing events have been up­dated to the present day. “We couldn’t re­ally make a film based on that now be­cause it would be­come a pe­riod piece,” he says. “We had to come up with some­thing else that would tie in, so we con­cocted our own story about th­ese or­di­nary peo­ple com­ing to the for­est.

“This is a small English film and at the heart of it is this weird old Bri­tain, which in a way is to do with things like The Wicker Man, and there’s also Mor­ris dancers. As it goes on, it just gets more and more strange. You’re not im­mersed in a big science fic­tion world; you’re in a for­est and there are th­ese lights…”

“My ideal role would be a bad­die in a James Bond film. I think the wheel­chair and the com­puter voice would fit

the part.”

For­get SPEC­TRE, could Stephen Hawk­ing

be Bond’s big­gest threat yet?

Some­body started the fire­works a bit early.

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