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Con­tin­uum ( above) re­newed for a fourth and fi­nal sea­son. Mean­while, sea­son three airs on Syfy UK from 28 Jan­uary.

In the least sur­pris­ing news of the month, Agents Of SHIELD showrun­ners Jed Whe­don and Mau­rissa Tan­charoen have con­firmed that

will im­pact the Marvel show.

Con­sta ntine fails to pick up a full sea­son or­der. Any­one know an anti- can­cel­la­tion spell? The Left overs get­ting a soft re­boot for sea­son two, with a largely new cast ( though Justin Theroux will stay on) and a new set­ting.

Su­per nat ural sea­son nine air­ing on E4 RIG HT NO W. About damn time.

Catherine Tre­genna pen­ning a Doct or Who script for se­ries nine. She’ll be the show’s first fe­male writer in seven years.

The Flash / Arr ow pro­ducer An­drew Kreis­berg says Bat­man, Su­per­man and their re­spec­tive cities are off lim­its for the CW shows.

Danny John- Jules re­veals scripts for Red Dwarf XI are cur­rently be­ing writ­ten.

What would you write as The Fire Ser­mon’s cover blurb?

They were born to­gether and they will die to­gether. One strong Al­pha twin, one mu­tated Omega; the only thing they share is the mo­ment of their death. The Omegas live in seg­re­ga­tion, cast out by their fam­i­lies and ruth­lessly op­pressed by their Al­pha coun­ter­parts. The Al­phas are the elite. Once their weaker twin has been cast aside, they’re free to live in priv­i­lege and safety. Cass and Zach are both per­fect on the out­side: no vis­i­ble Omega mu­ta­tion. But Cass has a se­cret – one that Zach will stop at noth­ing to ex­pose.

How long did you work on THE BOK?

For years and years – at first, just in fits and spurts, as a bit of a fun side- project. Then for a year or two I con­cen­trated on it more se­ri­ously.

How did you go about build­ing the world of The Fire Ser­mon?

There was no “eureka!” mo­ment. It all grew or­gan­i­cally from the idea of twins with a fa­tal bond. From that cen­tral hook I had to go back and think, how did they ar­rive in this state, how would they deal with this ge­netic mu­ta­tion?

How much re­search did you have to do?

Not very much! The me­chan­ics of the sci­en­tific as­pects didn’t grab me – it was the hu­man con­se­quences. If you write a novel about a class of peo­ple that live off an­other class of peo­ple, you’re go­ing to be think­ing about par­al­lels in our real world.

Which SF/ Fan­tasy au­thors would you like to be com­pared to in a dream re­view?

Cor­mac McCarthy for his stark, in­deli­ble vi­sion; Laini Tay­lor, for her lyri­cal lan­guage; and Philip Pull­man, for his philo­soph­i­cal acu­ity.

Trans­la­tion rights for the book have been sold to over 20 coun­tries.

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