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MAus­tralian actress Gigi Ed­g­ley ( www. gigied­g­ley. com) is a woman of many abil­i­ties: dancer, record­ing artist and pro­fi­cient fire- twirler. But she’s still prob­a­bly best known for her role as Chi­ana, mono­chrome- skinned Moya crew mem­ber, across all four sea­sons of Farscape ( and the Peace­keeper Wars mini- se­ries). She re­cently hosted re­al­ity se­ries Jim Hen­son’s Crea­ture Shop Chal­lenge on Syfy. Next up, she’s set to play X, an on­line celebrity lost in a world of mod­ern tech­nol­ogy, in Hash­tag, a thought- pro­vok­ing crowd- funded short film.

Would you like to play Chi­ana again?

Yes, ab­so­lutely. In a heart­beat. She was such an amaz­ing char­ac­ter. I was a baby when they asked me to come onto the set of Farscape. I didn’t want to be a hu­man wear­ing alien make- up, I wanted to cre­ate a char­ac­ter that fit­ted into the world of Jim Hen­son. So I went all out, made th­ese crazy move­ments and re­ally wanted to ex­plore the alien side of life.

What’s the strangest re­quest you’ve had from a fan?

I’ve never re­ally had any­thing that odd. I get so ex­cited half the time that I fan out more on them and they end up hav­ing to walk away from me, be­cause I end up telling them my life story and they’re like, “Okay, we want to go see the In­cred­i­ble Hulk now.”

I s there any­thing you think was un­fin­ished about Chi­ana’s story?

When I was work­ing on Jim Hen­son’s Crea­ture Shop Chal­lenge Brian Hen­son showed me a yel­low en­ve­lope and he said, “Guess what this is?” And I went, “What?” And he said, “The script for the Farscape movie.” And I went “[ gasp]! Give it to me now!” And he said, “No, it’s not fin­ished.” So I do know it does ex­ist. I don’t know if it’s ever go­ing to hap­pen, or who’s in­volved, but I did al­most touch it!

Did you get any sou­venirs from the set?

I got a set of the con­tact lenses and the furry boots that I wore in [ sea­son four episode] “John Quixote”. I’ve had in­ter­est­ing things brought up to me at sign­ings though, and I’m like, “Where on earth did you get that?”

What would i t say on Chi­ana’s grave­stone?

I’m not dead yet!

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