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I’m get­ting sick of film­mak­ers tak­ing lib­er­ties with their book adap­ta­tions. Last week me and the wife sat down to watch Harry Pot­ter And The Woman In Black, and I was ab­so­lutely hor­ri­fied at the way they’d trashed JK Rowl­ing’s work.

I un­der­stand you have to make some cuts, and even I sup­port the fact they ex­cised all the quid­ditch se­quences, but frankly I don’t re­mem­ber any of those ghosts be­ing in the books. They made Ron and Hermione an old mar­ried cou­ple, while Harry re­mained the same age, with no ex­pla­na­tion. There’s no sign of Snape or Dum­ble­dore, and for some baf­fling



rea­son they make Hed­wig a dog in­stead of an owl. And I’m all for gen­der- blind cast­ing, but hav­ing es­tab­lished that Volde­mort’s a man in the rest of the se­ries, they sud­denly make him a woman in this one. Worst of all, though, is the ridicu­lous de­ci­sion to have Harry not do any magic in the whole film. It’s as if he ditched Magic in his fi­nal year and switched to Law. I’ve no idea what JK Rowl­ing was think­ing let­ting them do this, but frankly it’s ru­ined the whole se­ries for me.

James Kins­ley, Nor­wich

You’re go­ing to hate Harry Pot­ter And The An­gel Of Death – Harry isn’t even in it.

Go on, get all revved up for Juras­sic World.

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