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John Wor­rall ( dis­put­ing Calum Wad­dell’s take on Dawn Of The Dead’s Marx­ist cred­i­bil­ity); Ian Kirkham ( pre­dict­ing that Star Wars: The Force Awak­ens will be the high­est gross­ing film of 2015 – nice thought, but re­mem­ber it ’s only got 13 days to do it!); Simon Phillips ( lov­ing Edge Of To­mor­row all the way from Ja­pan); Steve ( ask­ing us if we’ve had a brain- swap – that’s a very per­sonal ques­tion, Steve. But no); Craig Sheri­dan and Keith Tu­dor ( with some nig­gles about our new on­line home at Games­Radar. com/ sfx – give it a chance, chaps. We think you’ll come to love it); Neil (“still reel­ing” that Missy turned out to be the Mas­ter af­ter all. “The Rani would have made more sense”);

John He­witt (“A wee men­tion for The Lord In­quisi­tor and Ex­ter­mi­na­tus. Two fan- based movies be­ing made of the Warham­mer 40k uni­verse”); Dave Norm­ing­ton (“The next few years are go­ing to be amaz­ing for sci- fi fans); Tu­dor ( again, en­joy­ing an un­ex­pected Roots/ Star Trek cross­over episode – hon­estly, who ex­pected that?); Terry West­mor­land (“I want Dune, with fly­ing proper Or­nithopters and fight­ing with the ‘ Weird­ing Way’. Shai Hu­lud!”); Stephen Saul ( who wants to see Avengers: Age Of Ul­tra Nate – well, you’re free to want what you want to want, Stephen); Ste­fan Driver ( look­ing for­ward to “the Marvel stuff, dinosaurs and… STAR WARS!”); Stephen Keene- El­liott ( won­der­ing if Dave Lang­ford has read Boom Stu­dios’ Memetic by James Tynion IV and il­lus­trated by Eryk Dono­van); Keith Tu­dor ( again, again – this time Keith’s en­joy­ing sea­son two of Sleepy Hol­low. “It com­bines the hor­ror and fan­tasy el­e­ments very well with hu­mour and ban­ter.” Thanks for all the cor­re­spon­dence, Keith! You have won a gold star); David Tobin ( want­ing to see a movie ver­sion of Dean Koontz’s The Tak­ing); and many, many more….


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